1311, 2015

When Halloween hands you pumpkins…make soup!

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By Dr. Quinn Hand, ND While it is now a few weeks past Halloween, and I definitely should have been more timely with this post, I figured it is still fall and we may have [...]

1806, 2014

Shiatsu Cool Summer Campaign

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909, 2013

Toxic World, Toxic Body: Are Environmental Pollutants Affecting Your Health?

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By Quinn Hand, BHSc, ND Our toxic burden Every one of us is living in a toxic world.  It is not a question of if we are toxic, but how toxic. In the United States [...]

1505, 2013

NMW – A Success!

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Naturopathic Medicine Week 2013 opens doors to healing at Q Wellness Naturopathic Medicine Week ran from May 6-12 this year and hundreds of events were hosted throughout the province by various NDs, clinics and organizations.  [...]

1704, 2013

Naturopathic Medicine Week: May 6-12, 2013

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In support of Naturopathic Medicine Week, Q Wellness is hosting a series of events to help you explore your natural health options.  Please join us for the following events:   Monday May 6  - Open [...]

104, 2013

The Story of a Name and The Hummingbird

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What’s in a name…or a Logo? By Quinn Hand, ND As our about us page indicates, Q Wellness is not just a play on the first initial of clinic founder and director, Quinn Hand.  It stems [...]